shopAnthony Heye was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. In June of 1978 after graduating from Churchill High School, he started working for Speed & Sport Warehouse as a stock and delivery boy. Within a few weeks he started helping answer busy phones and from there, his job description grew. Speed & Sport was a wholesale supplier for the drag racing industry. In the late 1970’s it expanded to wholesale and retail for economic reasons. In the early 1980’s he grew an interest in truck and 4-wheel drive products after hearing about a couple of guys who started lifting trucks out of their garage called Trailmaster, out of Coldwater, Michigan.

This company worked with factory engineers in order to keep performance and safety a priority. With all that in mind, the drag racing market took second place to his interest in truck accessories. This really became a popular and exciting business for him and his friends. On his twenty-fifth anniversary with Speed & Sport he quit and helped a friend start another business that was an instant success. After one year, with the prompting of his wife and many friends, he started his own business, “Anthony’s Planet Pickup” which was located on San Pedro Avenue. Anthony, and his wife “Nanette”, opened Planet Pickup in 1999 with only two employees. They worked day-in and day-out, dollar-to-dollar, having limited funds but loving every minute of it. After much hard work and sweat, Anthony’s Planet Pickup soon out grew its original location, and in 2005, Anthony’s Planet Pickup moved to its current location on Loop 410 with 14 happy employees in a 12,000 square foot facility.

They still serve the good folks of South Texas one at a time with a lot of pride and a big smile.